Latina Empowerment Series Testimonials

"The Power of YOU"






"This event exceeded my expectations from beginning to end. It was not like any other event I have attended. The energy, what was spoken, and everyone who attended were all there with an open mind and willing to share with the group in such an authentic and genuine way. Everyone who came in with any type of guard was able to feel that this truly was a safe space and never have I felt so connected to several women in just one day. It was just incredible and one of my best investments."

"As a first time entrepreneur the learning curve is bigger than I ever imagined. I was diligently working and learning but doing it alone, coming to the LSN "Power of You" conference was one of the best choices I have made. The focus on personal growth and self power helped me see what I needed for my professional growth and to take my business to the next level. It also provided a great network of like minded Latina's and I look forward to the next LSN event. Thank you Rosie for your inspiration for helping me grow in my business:"