Why LSN?


Latina Success Network was founded by Rosie "the Closer" Zepeda, an inclusive leadership and diversity marketing expert. At LSN, we approach life and business from an energetically conscious point. Therefore, our approach to success is a conscious and intentional one.


Our Mission at LSN is to provide a holistic approach to helping Latinas create success on a personal, professional and business level, through our signature event "The Power of YOU," our two annual 3-month Academies and webinars throughout the year. We will work from the inside out, as opposed to from the outside in. We are the premier community for self and professional development for Latinas.


As entrepreneurs Latinas are starting businesses at 6 times faster than their white counterparts. Access to capital, resources, coaching and training prevent Latinas from creating long term sustainable and profitable businesses that are in line with the lifestyles they want to create. LSN bridges that resource gap while also taking into account the woman behind the business through our Start Up Academy.


As professionals, Latinas have surpassed their male Latino counterparts in 4 year college graduation rates. Yet they still face challenges getting to the higher level management and executive positions, knowing how to effectively negotiate salaries and being equipped with positioning strategies. LSN bridges the mindset and soft skills gap in order for Latinas to succeed professionally and grow into leadership through our Be The Change Academy.


For those Latinas who are searching or are in that in between phase, LSN will help you navigate the process of evolving into the best and most successful YOU.

Rosie Zepeda